EFT - Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique          also called Tapping



International Metaphysical University

The fundamental concept of EFT is to say that all the negative emotions that we feel are due to a perturbation of the energy system of our body. In other words, the negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, ...) that we feel today come from traumatic situations in our past that anchored at that time a blockage in the energy meridians of our body.
EFT makes it possible to remove these blockages gently and in a lasting way, thanks to the stimulation by tapping on points of acupressure which correspond to the main energy meridians of our physical body.

An EFT session is a verbal and energetic exchange between the practitioner and his patient, placed face to face on 2 chairs… or via Skype or Messenger.
If this is your first session, I start by teaching you the EFT technique necessary for the smooth running of the session. I answer to all of your apprehension and question in relation to the session, so as to be able to work in optimal conditions and that you can withdraw all the benefits of the session. The number of rounds to be made concerning your problem (negative emotion or pain) does not depend on its age, nor on the intensity of the suffering that can accompany it, but on the number of emotional aspects of it. It is common to see definitively disappear old fears or anger in a few moments.

I come from Europe, travelled all over the World. I graduated as EFT Professional practitioner in 2016 at International Metaphysical University (West Virginia - USA) and I am an AEFTP accredited professional. I am living with alternative medicines from 30 years. I have been initiated by a Panamanian-Colombian shaman. Deeply interested in neuro-sciences, and Modified States of Consciousness, I help also with hypnosis and sounds therapy.  
All those tools at your disposal for a wonderful life.