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Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn about tapping and discover how you can quickly and naturally remove your emotional and physical issues, improve your wellbeing at home as at office.

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Hi. My name is Virginie Antoine, though many people call me Winnie. I am originally from France, lived in Spain and Luxembourg, and currently live in Panamá City. I am fluent in French, Spanish, and English and can work with clients in any of these languages. I am a Level 2 trained practitioner in the Emotional Freedom Technique from the International Metaphysical University and an AEFTP accredited professional. 

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Do you want to heal your life?

Do you struggle with blockages that keep you from living your optional life? Perhaps you are in pain. Perhaps you have anxiety or depression. Perhaps you had a painfulchildhood or grief or chronic pain or limiting beliefs that keeps you from living the life you were meant to live.  If so, I can help you to turn your life around using an amazing tool known as EFT. 

The Emotional Freedom Technique also called EFT or tapping, is an alternative healthcare technique that marries psychology with Chinese medicine. This fast, and painless technique has demonstrated amazing results.


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